Will I have to testify in court?
Not necessarily. It is more likely that we can obtain a settlement, which can happen much more quickly and with good results. However, we will go to trial if we do not receive a fair and reasonable offer. All offers will be discussed with you. We also make no guarantees about the outcome of any case.
How long will my case take?
This depends on various factors, many of which are beyond our control. The courts are backlogged with cases, for example, which may delay your case. We can assure you that we’ll make every effort to move your case along as quickly as possible.
Why should I have a lawyer?
Lawyers are trained legal professionals who can explain the laws to you; help you evaluate your options; negotiate or mediate conflicts with other people; prepare letters, court forms or other legal documents for you; and represent you in court.
What is expected of me as a client of your firm?
We expect you to be honest, responsive, and diligent throughout the litigation process. We want you to ask us any questions and inform us of any concerns you have. You will ordinarily be deposed at some point in the litigation and we expect you to prepare for that deposition diligently by meeting with us and reviewing key facts in the case.